School’s in Session, Post 4

As I continue to go through my classes, I am still procrastinating on the assignments that involve more work. For example, in my Census class, I read the module last sunday and did not start the homework until Wednesday. On Wednesday, I only answered the questions that did not involve much research or time. Then, I spent Thursday morning do my research and answering the questions. Though I am  procrastinating, I am still loving the each of the classes and look forward to next ones. I have two weeks left on each of these classes and then I will start the two new ones.

Really glad I am taking this class and exposing myself to new things.

Learning of this week, though I feel organized, there is plenty I can do to become more organized. Unfortunately, I do not have an office to get organized in. So, for now. It is what it is! I will hopefully, someday soon be able to spend time organizing myself according to the list of things I have to do.



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