School’s in Session, Post 1

Finally completed my first week of classes for my certification through NIGS. Since my last post, things have changed a bit. Instead of taking 3 classes this month, I am taking two. Methodology Part 2: Organizing and Skill Building and US: Census Records. Let me say that these classes have already proved themselves harder than Methodology 1, which I finished all six modules in about 1.5 weeks, with an A- in the class. I was very excited about that. Good way to start school, right?

This week, I have put in about six hours of reading and research for my homework. I have learned that doing this late at night, is the best time to do the work. I thought it would be the best time, but I had to search for a specific person in the 1790 census and could not find him at all. I spent over an hour on this the other night. Today, I found him in less than 5 minutes.

Learnings for the week:

Census records offer a wealth of information, creating a timeline using census records is beneficial to any genealogist. Something I will definitely start doing.



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  1. Thanks for the update. Glad to see you dropped one… seemed like too heavy a load (as a retired professor, I can’t help but evaluate workloads… sorry!) I like how you are sharing your thought processes in meeting the needs of the assignments. Thanks for that! Good post! 😉

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