Scent Memories

It’s funny what brings back your memories. Last week I was getting my hair done, time to spruce it up for summer.  A new color, a new style. Karen always does a great job with my hair. Well, last week was no different. I walked out feeling great. But, I was flooded with memories of my grandmother, Ida O’Connell.

Why you ask? Good question. The shop had a new hair care line by Matrix. It said it was rose scented and I just had to open it up and smell it. We are in desperate need of spring here, and the smell of roses would be enough to hold me over for a few weeks while it warms up here in the midwest. Well, once I opened the shampoo I was pleasantly surprised how much it smelled like roses. It truly reminded me of Avon’s: Roses, Roses, Roses (it has been discontinued) which my grandma would put on my when I was little, after a bath. She died when I was 8, and this truly put her in the room with me. Even if it was just for a quick minute.

I think of her often and have many vivid memories of her, even though I was so young when she passed. But, most memories I have that are scent related usually are for my mother’s parents who were here well into my adulthood.

You never know where (or where) these memories will come. Stop and enjoy the time with your loved one that has passed on. I thoroughly enjoyed this memory and hope there will be more to come.



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