S. Martha Black

When I participated in 52 Ancestors, I went through many of my ancestors and still have many others to write about. One of them that really has been demanding my research is S. Martha Black.

I have been able to follow Martha from the time she starts having children through her death. But I cannot confirm her birth or exactly who her parents are. According to the West Virginia Death Index, her parents were John and Martha Black, and that she was born in Pulaski County, Virginia. She died 10 Jan 1884 of old age. The person responsible for supplying the information was her son, William T. Warden.1

We do know that Martha met her husband, through her father, John, as he became the guardian of Thomas Warden.2 Their marriage record was found at the Library of Virginia in Nov 2015 by N. Gillispie, it states they were married in 1820, no exact date on the list of marriages, the list is dated February 9, 1821.3

Their children:

Robert Warden 1820–1894
Nancy J Warden 1822–1854
John Walker Warden 1825–1900
Mary Ann WARDEN 1827–1910
Martha Jane WARDEN 1829–1921
Hughes Jefferson WARDEN1831–1865
Sarah Frances WARDEN 1834–1927
Elizabeth Marie WARDEN 1836–1918
David Jordan Warden 1838–1904
Emily WARDEN 1840–1901
Miriam A WARDEN 1846–1933
William Thomas WARDEN 1848–1921


*Online trees show an additional sister, Thursia, born in 1842. I cannot place her with any records. She is not listed in the 1850 or 1860 Census with her parents, nor is she in Thomas’ will. When I originally started my research on the Warden’s much of it came from others research. As I analyze the family information I am making corrections to my tree and I have since deleted Thursia from my tree since there are no substantial records to prove she existed and is a part of this family.

Are you related to the Warden family? How about the Black family?

As I stated above the only concrete information is that Martha’s father is John. In the area of Blacksburg, VA there is a lot of Black family (they actually donated the land that became Blacksburg). For a long time I thought I had the line connected to the Blacksburg Black family, but after analyzing all the records I do have, I know that I was wrong.

However, DNA does show that I connect with others that descend from the Blacksburg Black family. I just do not know how the line goes.

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  1. Hello,
    I am directly related to the Pulaski/Montgomery/Wythe County Blacks. I believe that S. Martha Black-Warden is the daughter of my Great-Great-Great-Great-Great Grandfather John Black. I have several pieces of info to back that up – as well as what I believe happened to Thursia Warden. Please contact me.

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