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Open RoadToday I took a short road trip to Indiana to visit a college with my daughter. While driving I had some time to think about the many road trips we were lucky enough to take as children. There was one road trip that seemed to pop into my head and give me a bit of a chuckle.

I was probably about 9ish (so the early 80’s most likely,) we packed up the RV and were going to the mountains. I remember having all of the warm clothes, gloves, boots and so forth for this trip. We were ready to play in the snow. The family was excited for the trip. After we finished packing the RV, we went ahead with our day as usual. Excited about the thought of the upcoming family trip and the things we would see.

Dad liked to drive at night, a majority of our trips started late at night. He would drive at night because we would sleep and he would not have to deal with 100 questions like; are we there yet and how much longer? Because he was a police officer, he schedule was always crazy and he was used to being up late.

I distinctly remember waking up the next morning, anxious to see how far we had gone and how much longer until we got to the mountains. Dad pulled a great prank on the family this trip. We awoke in Florida!

The sun was shining, it was warm out and we had clothes for the snow! Completely unprepared!  I do remember that all of our blue jeans became jean shorts and I believe we picked up a few summer clothes at a store for the vacation.

Of course, I do not even remember the vacation beyond that. But what a memory. I would never be able to pull that off with my kids.

So, as I sit in my hotel room chilling out with my daughter. I continue to think about our many trips as children and I want to say thanks to my Dad for all the great trips we took. I know he will probably not see this, but I just want to say that I appreciate his love for the open road and I continue sharing this with my children today.



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  1. What a beautiful post about and for your father. This was indeed a great way to learn “love for the open road”. Your story put a smile on my face.

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