Richmond Cemetery

In our quest to find the family cemeteries in West Virginia, we got really lucky in finding the Richmond Cemetery (the one in Summers County). I was told by my cousin that the new welcome center off of Highway 64. We stopped and checked out the center, and the flora surrounding it is beautiful. It was definitely worth the stop to just look around. But, we talked to the lady at the desk about the family cemeteries and she did not really know anything (which I suspected from the beginning). But, there is a cemetery just up one of the gravel roads from the entrance of the welcome center. She went to speak to someone in the back and came back to confirm that it was the Richmond Cemetery.

To get to the cemetery we had to go back around the loop of the entrance and then take the first gravel road and stay to the right. This road brought us up to the top of the mountain and right to the cemetery entrance. I photographed all the headstones that were recognizable family names: Richmond, Adkins and a few others.

I have created a video with the best photos from this cemetery.




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