Review: FastFoto FF-640

During Rootstech 2017 we met with the team at the Epson booth to talk about their product, FastFoto FF-640, a photo scanner that is well worth looking into.

While there we were treated to a quick demonstration on how the scanner works. With either a pile of old photo’s or a delicate photo with some damage, FastFoto can help. For your items that need some extra tender loving care, you can use the carrier sheet. Just insert your photo into the carrier sheet and scan the sheet. Before scanning, you can tag the images with the year, a location and names of people. You scan up to 45 images per minute with their auto feed. Once you insert all the information you wanted tagged with the photo’s, just click scan and FastFoto does the work. the best part is, for all the photos that you currently have tha thave writing on the back, FastFoto also scans the back of each photo and labels them as a. For example, if it labeled an image, img204; img204a would be the back of img204.

According to Epson’s website, FastFoto1:

  • World’s Fastest Photo Scanner — scan thousands of photos as fast as 1 photo per second
  • High-quality scans up to 600 dpi — scan precious images, from wallets to panoramic photos
  • Preserve what’s priceless — Restore, Save, Organize and Share images
  • Ideal for life’s special events — easily create slideshows, displays and more for anniversaries, weddings and family reunions
  • Custom FastFoto software — bring new life to old photos automatically with Smart Photo Fix (SPF) Technology, red-eye reduction and color enhancement features
  • Single-step Technology — capture both the image and handwritten notes on the back in a single scan
  • Special design — special handling sheet, custom rollers and paper path to accommodate fragile photos
  • Perfect Picture Imaging System — Epson’s proprietary image-processing technology optimizes image quality across printers, projectors and scanners
  • Do more than just photos — scan and save documents and memorabilia; scan documents as fast as 45 ppm/90 ipm3
  • Organize documents — Document Capture Pro and ABBYY® FineReader® software included

The people at Epson were extremely generous and let us borrow the FastFoto FF-640 to see how well it worked. I was able to scan an entire photo album of pictures within an hour. What took the most time was sorting the photos by the tags I intended to use. I separated my photo’s by people. For example, I now have files with Ambrose, Dennis and Linus O’Connell as well as Ambrose and Dennis O’Connell. For those that I did not know who was in the photos I used a very generic tag, miscellaneous photos from Ambrose O’Connell’s photo album. Let me be clear, I have had this photo album for a good 14 years and all I had done was take it apart, to save the pictures and scan some of them for blog posts. So being able to scan the entire album within a hour was amazing. If you have tons of photo’s that you need scanned, I highly recommend the FastFoto FF-640.

I now look forward to spending time editing all the images.

*Disclaimer: The FastFoto FF-640 was borrowed so we can see how well it works with scanning and how fast the process is. The review and recommendation are the words of Terri O’Connell. 

  1. Epson, FastFoto FF-640; accessed 7 Sep 2017 



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