Review: In-Brief Guide to Pennsylvania Genealogy

On Monday, The In-Depth Genealogist released their latest In-Brief Guide on Pennsylvania Genealogy. I have a few lines in my maternal family that are in Pennsylvania, so having a guide to help me with research is great.

My favorite thing about these types of guides is the ability to have all the information in one place and at your finger tips. This includes not only the history of the state, but links to email lists, Facebook communities, museums, Genealogy and other Societies as well as links to the different record sets available on-line.  On top of all this, there is a list of ten suggested books on the subject of Pennsylvania Genealogy.

I cannot wait til I have time to start researching my Pennsylvania ancestors again. I will definitely be utilizing An In-Brief Guide to Pennsylvania Genealogy by Elissa Scalise Powell CG.

Disclaimer: I am the Executive Director of The In-Depth Genealogist as well as an affiliate. If you purchase through the links above, I will earn a small amount of money. Any monies earned from affiliate links is used for website maintenance and continuing education. For more information, see my disclaimer page



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