We’re Related: Meghan Trainor

According to We’re Related I am 8th cousins 1x removed with Meghan Trainor. You know, “It’s all about the base!”

My ancestral line is:

Marie Francois Croteau
Marie Louise Bergeron
Marie Josephe Huode
Pierre Cote’
Felicite Cote’
Marie Elizabeth Cote’
Rose May Springer
Ambrose Lawrence O’Connell

My research confirms the line from me to Pierre Cote’. From there I will have to research and verify the rest of the family lines.

Meghan’s ancestral line is:

Marie Francois Croteau
Louis Joseph Rognon
Antoine Laroche
Marie Laroche
Honore’ Lamontagne
Marie Josephine Lamontagne
Elzear Joseph Poudrier
Jeannette E. Poudrier
Jeanne Marie LaPalm
Her Mom

Of course, I have no clue who did the research on Meghan’s family so I will have to research her family as well.



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