We’re Related: Mark Twain

We're Related: Mark TwainMark Twain is supposedly my 5th cousin 5x removed, sharing Jannet Irwin as our common ancestor.

My ancestral line:

Jannet Irwin
Nathaniel Patterson
Isabella Elizabeth Patterson
Isabella T Burnside
Parthenia Jane Cales
Joseph Daniel Dix / Dick
Martha Jane Dix / Dick
John Eldridge Richmond
William Hunter Richmond Sr.
William Hunter Richmond Jr.

I can confirm this line through Parthenia Jane Cales.  Elvis and President Taylor supposedly share this line from me through Martha Dix / Dick. That leaves me with 4 generations to research.

Mark Twain’s ancestral line:

Jannet Irwin
Jane Patterson
Julia Carson
William Casey
Margaret (Casey) Lampton
Jane (Lampton) Clemens
Samuel Clemens aka Mark Twain

I looked on WikiTree and this is the line they have. But, it did not show me any records so I could confirm the line. I did see that there was a book written on the lineage of Mark Twain, The Genealogy of Mark Twain by Lucius Marion Lampton, M.D. I am going to see if I can find a copy to look at and see if it is sourced.





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