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Recapping My Weekend Genealogy Meetings

This past weekend, I had 2 genealogy meetings I planned on attending and I am excited to tell you that I made it to both of them. Usually, I plan on it and something will come up and I am lucky if I make it to one meeting.


At the AHML (Arlington Heights Memorial Library) I met up with Pat of Geneajourneys to listen to Funeral Director Tim Kowalski, discuss records that are created at the time of death and how long the doctors and funeral directors have to fill out the forms. It was a very interesting lecture, filled with many questions from the audience which Tim answered willingly. Though we learned many things about the records, the one thing I wanted to know about (which was how to get access to the records at a funeral home), Tim advised that funeral directors strive to work within the guidelines of privacy for the family. So, no matter how long ago the record was created a genealogist just might not get their hands on the records. Just my luck, no information on how to get around this situation.

At the IAHC (Irish American Heritage Center) our group was very small this month and we discussed the recent event at the center with the group Ireland Reaching Out. Basic information was shared with the members who were unable to attend that night. Otherwise, the group went around the table and discussed their Irish immigrant and where their brick wall is. I have to make a trip to Newberry sometime soon to go through a few books this group has recommended. I am hoping that I will find something new. I also spoke with a lady who also has O’Connell ancestors and it looks like they are from an area very close to where mine were from. I definitely need to find more information on my line.

Within the next few weeks, I will be planning out my genealogy year. I need to see who will be speaking at what societies and get the ones I am interested in scheduled into my calendar so that I do not miss anything.

Do you normally plan your genealogy year of lectures ahead of time?



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