Planning Your Own Funeral

Let’s face it, we are in the business of the dead. We have talked about writing our own obituary and what we want done with all of our genealogy research. But, have you thought about planning your own funeral?

Today was my annual visit the dead relatives day. I usually go with a family member. Try to do a bit of clean up, if I have not been there earlier in the season and just pay our respects. While at the first cemetery we got to talking about different family members funerals and what the family did for them.

Today, I was told by one family member that they think they will put me in charge of their arrangements. I found that a bit odd, I mean neither of us are in an advanced age or chronically ill, by any means. Yes, I know that it pays to be prepared (after all, isn’t that the boy scouts motto?). But, I was no where near prepare for this short conversation. Nor, have I given it any thought as to what I would like for my services or where I would like to be buried.

I believe this conversation stems from a visit to my paternal grandmothers grave a few weeks back, all the stones in her section are in the ground, flat. My maternal grandmother has a nice upright stone with a beautiful mountain etched into it. So, now that this conversation has started, I seem to be thinking about what I will want and getting that into writing for my family.

Have you started planning what you want for your services?



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