Customer Service, is it Important

As the economy remains tough, I am a firm believer of giving my business to those companies who provide the best service they can. For example, shopping at a local grocery store a few weeks ago, I asked an employee a question. He said he would check it out and get back to me. I watched him go and talk with two employees and then completely ignore me. When I left, I spoke with the Manager on duty to let her know my feelings on this. Of course, she went into how the economy is down and their hours have been cut. Nothing new, right? I advised the Manager that I have been in retail for many years, I understand the issues. But, if they want people to continue to spend money at their establishment, service needs to be first! The reason I am writing about this is because it is nice to see someone understand where their customers are coming from and try to help them out.

Last week, Footenote  (now Fold3) asked me to take part in a short survey about my past membership with them. I believe it took me less than a few minutes to complete. Once I was done I did not think of it again, until today!

This afternoon, as I was going through all of my email, I noticed that Footenote had sent me another email. As I read it, I was pleased to see that…

  1. It was not a bulk email, it was specifically sent to me
  2. They took what I had to say seriously and addressed it in my email.

Footenote, was not a source that I used often. But I will be renewing my subscription and using it more often. I do appreciate that they know it is the customer who makes the company successful and without keeping us happy, they will not service this market.

Thank you Footenote for listening to your customers!


Please, let me know your feelings on this? Do you agree/disagree?



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