We appreciate our past writers too!

Since the beginning of The In-Depth Genealogist, we have had many wonderful writers contribute to the website and magazine. Each of our past writers have contributed in a myriad of ways and we greatly appreciated their knowledge and expertise. Our writers are from all over the world and share their knowledge on many different topics related to genealogy and history.  By writing for the blog and the magazine, they look forward to getting to know the IDG community. Visit each writer’s biography for more information on what they brought to the community and get to know them better.

Jen Baldwin was the author of “The Family Atlas”
Ancestral Breezes
Jen’s Biography

Patricia Biallas was the author of “Pursuing the Past”
Patricia’s Biography

John Boeren was the author of “Going Dutch”
John’s Biography

Sophie Boudarel is the author of “Back to Your French Ancestors”
La Gazette des Ancetres
Sophie’s Biography

Marietta Britt was the author of “Nurturing Your African American Tree”
Marietta’s Biography

Lara Diamond is the author of “Jewish Genealogy”
Lara’s Biography

Leslie Drewitz was the author of “Genealogy Solutions”
Leslie’s Biography

Stephanie Pitcher Fishman
Stephanie Fishman
Stephanie’s Biography

Robin Foster was the author of “Citing African Ancestry”
Saving Stories
Robin’s Biography

Kirsty Gray was the author of “Tracing Your Criminal Ancestors”
Family Wise
Kirsty’s Biography

Julie Goucher was the author of “Across the Pond”
Anglers Rest
Julie’s Biography

Janet Hovorka was the author of “Biz Matters”
The Chart Chick
Zap The Grandma Gap

Janet’s Biography

Kathryn Lake Hogan was the author of “In the Land of the Maple Leaf
Looking 4 Ancestors
Kathryn’s Biography

Jenny Joyce is the author of “Ramblings Through Irish History.”
Jenny’s Biography

Jenny Lanctot is the author of “Getting Started”
Are My Roots Showing
Jenny’s Biography

Taneya Koonce is the author of “African American Research Adventures”
Taneya’s Genealogy Blog
Taneya’s Biography

Ursula Krause was the author of “German Rootseekers”
Ursula’s Biography

Elizabeth Lapointe was the author of ”
Genealogy Canada
Elizabeth’s Biography

Michael Maglio was the author of “Deep Into DNA”
Origin Hunters
Michael’s Biography

Laura Martinez was the author of “South of the Border”
Laura’s Biography

Deborah Carder Mayes was the author of “Beyond the Obituaries”
Deborah A. Carder Mayes Genealogy & Family History
Rambling Along the Ancestral Trail
Debbie’s Biography

Katie Andrews Potter was the author of “Blossoms and Branches”
Katie’s Biography

James Ryan is the author of “The Emerald Isle”
Flyleaf Press
James’ Biography

Jennifer Shoer was the author of “Ephemeral Heritage”
The Scrappy Genealogist
Jennifer’s Biography

Dr. Bill Smith was the author of “The Heritage Tourist”
Dr. Bill Tells Ancestor Stories
Dr. Bill’s Biography