Packing for Rootstech

Rootstech 2016 Square Ambassador
Within the next week genealogists will  converge on Salt Lake City for the Annual Rootstech Conference. As with any conference our packing lists are long, and many have already have already started to pack. Personally, we have been going through our stock and making the lists of what we have, what we need and who will be bringing what with them. With our company residing in Ohio and all of us being spread from the Midwest to the East coast we have to take extra time to make sure we will have all we need for the conference.

That being said, we should also take time to make sure we are ready for the SLC weather as well. Of course it’s currently winter, and the weather can be tricky. Last year we were lucky enough to not really need our winter coats. We spent most of the time walking around SLC with only a sweater. It does not appear to be the case for the 2016 conference.

So a few items that might be needed by each of us are:

  • Hat
  • Scarf
  • Gloves
  • Warm coat
  • Boots
  • Clothes that can be layered for warmth
  • Umbrella (last I checked it has been raining)
  • Comfy shoes (for those working in the vendor hall to change into)

Of course there are many things one should bring to any conference that can not be over looked:

  • Business cards
  • Laptop / Ipad / Cellphone
  • Lock for your laptop
  • Computer bag (with wheels and it makes your life easy)
  • Preprinted labels with your name, address, email and phone number for any giveaways
  • Medications (including allergy, pain and cold)

Keep in mind that the Family History Library is right there, bring a brick wall or two to work on. You might not have a lot of time, but use the extra moments you do for research. If you have not visited the FHL at SLC before this is a good time to get orientated. Not only do they house all the wonderful records, but they have volunteers that can assist you with foreign records and languages. Last year I went to ask what I thought would be an easy question and ended up spending over an hour with one woman who was trying to assist me with a Russian line I have been working on. So, take your hardest brick wall with you and ask someone about it. If they cannot help you, they will do their best to put you in contact with someone who will.



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