Opening Party Sets the Stage for a Great Conference

This year Rootstech did something a little different. Instead of opening the conference the same way they do every year, they threw a party. That’s right, a party. An 80s party to be exact. Who does not love the 80s? Great music, tv and lets not forget about the clothes and hair!

They rented space at the Marriott, across the street from Salt Palace, and brought in DJ, Rob Ferre from Life of the  Party,  dressed in a pac man suit (with a matching pac man tie). DJ Rob was a ball of energy that really kept the party moving.

Terri and Shannon with DJ Rob at the Rootstech 2017 opening party.

The DJ started the part off with a game of name that theme song from 80s tv shows. It was so loud that it was hard to hear the music to make a guess. So loud, I had to move up to the front to make sure I did not miss anything. The DJ kept the party moving with music, line dancing and some dance lessons for those that needed a bit of help.

Not sure who, but someone dressed the part of Michael Jackson and treated us to the dance of Beat it. Later in the evening, DJ Rob, broke down the Thriller dance for those who could not remember it.

Also showing us just how fun some of the genealogy community is, many danced the night away to all the great 80s music.

Thanks Rootstech and DJ Rob for a fun night. I’m not sure how the other conferences will be able to try to compare.

Disclaimer: As an Ambassador for Rootstech, I was given free entry to the conference and opening party. All thoughts on the topic are my own.



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