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My research has lacked lately on my own family. I’m alright with that since I have had so much going on in life. Today, FindMyPast released an update on the British Newspaper (read their blog post). I have never looked at the British Newspapers because my names are all common and would take a miracle to find something for my people.

Find My Past
Well, today I decided put in a few family names and see what pulled up. It’s not surprising that when I put in Connell I received many hits on Daniel O’Connell (the Great Liberator). I did not find anything on my family.

What I did find was articles relating to the ships that left Queestown (Cobh) and moved on to Liverpool. They talked about the illness on board the ship. If you have some spare time, I definitely recommend looking through the newspaper records to learn more about the social history of that place your ancestors you come from. You can search this database here.



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