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With Easter Sunday a week away, I wanted to take some time to get something off my chest. It is not necessarily related to my family research, but it could be. As we do research or go about our daily lives, we come across those who have made great misjudgments in their lives. It is not our job to judge them on what they have done or what they will do in their life.

I am by no means a religious fanatic. I do not go to Church on Sundays, I believe that God lives within my heart and knows what I believe.  Yes, I should take more time to go to Church and praise God!  Having been raised Lutheran, my parents made sure we were in private schools for grammar and high school.  I feel truly blessed to have had that opportunity and I thank my father for it. The one thing that I really want to pass along that I learned as a young child is that God is a forgiving God! That is why he sent his Son to die on the cross. We should remember this and be thankful!

Many families have problems and issues that arise, whether it is today or 100 years ago. Please do not pass judgment on your ancestors or your family members. They will one day have to account for the mistakes to a Higher being, and that is not me or you.

I have many family members who proclaim they are “devoted” Christian’s. Yet these Christian’s cannot forgive and do not remember it is not their place to do so. Please love all of your family, scandalous or not!

Ok, I am stepping off of the soap box and I apologize to anyone I might have offended in my ranting!

I just want to add that when I say we should forgive, I do not mean that we need to forget everything.



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