October: New Irish Records

For the month of October, FindMyPast released four different record groups of abstracts from other genealogists work.

Thrift Genealogical Abstracts

These abstracts come from genealogist Gertrude Thrift and contain “copies of wills, bill books, parish registers, commission books, and freeman lists, as well as detailed family trees and pedigree charts. Records in this collection date as far back as the 16th century and up to the early 20th century.”1

Crossle Genealogical Abstracts

Taken from the notebooks of genealogists Dr Francis Crossle and Philip Crossle.

Betham Genealogical Abstracts

Sketches created by herald Sir William Betham, this can be an excellent substitute for records lost in the 1922 PRO fire in Dublin.

Cork, Pobble O’Keefe Census 1830-1852

Census records from the townland Pobble O’Keefe in County Cork.


Hopefully these new records can assist you in your research.

  1. Thrift Genealogical Abstracts, FindMyPast, [accessed 27 Oct 2017]. 



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