O’Connell Clan Association

Last week I spent a good deal of my time, and blog posts on my O’Connell ONS. I decided it was time to build a website that is specific to the ONS. This way, you will not have to listen to me babble on and on about the study.

I know that some of you are interested in the research, as I do have many friends with the O’Connell surname that I have no familial connection with (at this time). So moving forward if you are interested in the O’Connell study I would recommend that you follow the new website, O’Connell Clan Association.

However, I will still be posting here about my direct O’Connell line as I find new information (I pray that I will find more information). I will also blog here as I find glitches in databases or something new while I am collecting information for the study.



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