Obit of A. Poray Koshits

So, in my emails from a PPK in Russia I have learned a bit. He found a book that gives obituary information for the United States.

Not Forgotten Tombs: The Russian Abroad: Obituaries 1917 – 1997.

Pavlovsk Military College

Poraj -Koshits Anatoly Petrovich

Years of life: nearby 1874 (1879) – till May 29th, 1937, the USA

The Colonel.

The Pavlovsk military College left the second lieutenant in 1st reserve artillery brigade (1893). In a rank shtabs-captain it was translated on technical service. Examined the weapon in armies of Vilensky military district. In May, 1916 has survived to the USA with the Russian artillery commision (the inspector of artillery orders).

Worked in the perfumery company later. Then unemployed.

A member f a society of Russian officers of gunners.

Under one data has died at the age of 58 years, on another -63 years.

It is buried on May 29th, 1937 in the city of Stamford, CT.

(though the English is rough in this post, this is how it was translated from Russian)



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