November in Review

November was National Blog Post Month. The goal was to post something to your blog, every day. I am not usually a frequent blogger. I write when I get the urge or when I find something that I feel I need to share.

Last year, I did not participate in this month of posting. I figured this year would be a good time to try it out. I admit that I failed, I did not post daily. But, for someone who does not blog on a normal schedule, I feel I did a great job.

I wrote a total of 26 posts, which means I only missed 4 posts for a month of 30 days. Looking at the calendar, I missed a total of 10 days. These usually fell on the weekends. I tried to make up for most of these posts by having multiple posts during the week. There were some days that I had up to 3 new blog posts.

One thing that I have learned in this experience is to make a list of the upcoming posts for the month. Somewhat like an editorial calendar. I put all the special memes in and then I listed out what I was going to post. If it was a picture, I put the image # next to it so that I could search a lot quicker when it came time to pull everything together.  Once the post is complete, I put a √ next to it and then I know it is scheduled to post.

Everyone has different tools that work for them. What works for you?



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    1. Thanks Steph, I have ICal which I can color code and it is on my phone and my Mac. That being said, it alerts me to post but I never post because of it. I tried a Editorial Calendar last year and even that did not make me work. It’s all good for a week or two and then I set it aside and never go back. The list seems to be working so far and I am going to try to incorporate Amy’s 52 weeks of —- for next year into it. Hopefully, that will keep me going.

      Anyhow, this list has me through Jan for Monday posts already and I have 5 more to copy into wordpress and that will be beginning of March (never been that far ahead). I then have 6 other records to transcribe for Monday posts (look it will be May before we know it). Now, just to get ahead for the rest of the weeks on the meme posts and I will be good to go.

      Good luck with your weekend project!

      1. Some great ideas. I plan ahead, or Amy thoughts are in the basic post in drafts (I use blogger). I might explore the use of google calendars. Really, I would like a good application for enabling blogging posts for the iPad, anyone know of one, or what do others do?

        1. Thanks Julie, Not sure about an application for the IPad. But, since you are using an IPad, I would suggest using iCal instead of the google calendar. It will do the same thing. Good luck with your blogging.

    1. Michelle, so how do you did for the challenge of NaBloPoMo? I’m glad the editorial calendar is working for you. Once I really nail down using my list, I might move towards the editorial calendar once again.

  1. You did NOT fail! 26 posts??? In the SAME month?? You need to be patting yourself on the back, that is a great accomplishment!! Good job Terri!

    1. Thanks Jenna, I admit that some posts were easier. Like, wordless wednesday, so easy to find a beautiful picture. Others, such as my first (and only) surname Saturday, took me two hours of research before hand to make sure I had everything that was available on the web and then I finally typed it up and posted. About 4 days later, I found so much more information that I will probably update and post again before I move on to another line.

      I really just hope to keep us the momentum with the blogging. I am hoping to go back to school next semester and maybe pick up another job. It’s gonna be a busy new year!

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