Norwood Park Historical Society, Crippen House and Civil War Reenacting

With spring in the air and summer fast approaching I think it’s about time I write this post. At the end of last summer we visited the Crippen House in Norwood Park, a small part of Chicago (where I grew up). The reason we went, it was the 143rd birthday of Norwood Park.

I remember when I was in High School that many classmates were very active in saving the Crippen House by turning it into the Norwood Park Historical Society. Growing up, we lived close to the area and went to school within Norwood Park. When I was a teenager, my family was lucky enough to purchase a home within the boundaries of Norwood Park. It’s truly a place my family loves, the big houses and big yards…what’s not to love about the area. Anyhow, that’s the long story of why we visited on this day in July. It was actually my first visit where I got out of the car and got to look through the house.

Before we even got to the house I was super excited because there was a group of Civil War Reenactors there. I have always wanted to go and see a reenactment of one of the civil war battles. Though this group was not currently doing that, they were just sitting at ‘camp’ talking with those that passed by. I spent a lot of time asking them questions and looking at the items they had with them. It was very cool to look at the weapons they had (it is also very important for me to share that I HATE guns, by no means do I condone even touching them). But, knowing how old these weapons were I just could not help myself.

I took a few pictures and incorporated them into a short video to share.






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