Non-Tech Vendors Not Allowed

No books allowed. Is that our future. The past few years has brought many changes to the world we live in, and not all are for the better.

We witnessed the electronic library on Amazon’s Kindle (and I do love it) and then Barnes and Noble brought out the Nook. With the change in technology we are now seeing the closing of our favorite book stores. Borders was my favorite, we went a few times a month. The first year they had the Borders rewards card, I earned over $75 in free books. I was a happy customer. Sadly, they have closed. My daughter lost her job of over 5 years, our friend Bill West of West in New England lost his as well. I will not even talk about the economy and how hard it is to find a job now.

Magazines, I cannot even tell you how many magazines I ordered that stopped production. My favorite was Everton’s Genealogical Helper. I could not wait for that to arrive in my mail box. I devoured every word in it. I refuse to get rid of the issues I have.

Libraries are having difficulties remaining open. Many have cut back their hours. As genealogists we do what we can to bring these issues to the attention of our friends and anyone else that can help. We have succeeded in some cases. What worries me the most is the libraries that talk about going all digital. Yes, I agree that it is cool to download a book. I have read many this way and not sure what I would do without the Kindle on my Iphone. But, I still love to pick up a book and turn the pages. Smell the paper. Even better is to pick up a book that is over 100 years old and feel the history that is in your hands. I remember being at the Newberry library holding a book from the 1800’s, there was nothing better!

Blogging books for the beginners.

As most of you have heard by now, Rootstech has decided they will not let certain vendors in (crafts dealers, book vendors and other non-tech dealers). Absurd! As genealogists we read books. We love books. I understand that this is a technology conference. But sometimes even technology needs a reference book. Seriously, there are so many of the For Dummies books out there because not everyone understands it. I have never been to Rootstech, I do not plan on going this year but I would like for my friends who are genealogy writers to be able to sell their product. We have many friends that write books, Megan Smolenyak, Drew Smith, Amy Coffin, Thomas MacEntee, Cyndi Howells and James Tanner, are you telling us that they are not important to the field of technology and genealogy?

From the posts on Facebook, I do not see one person who was happy with this decision. All I can say, is that I hope they reexamine their position on this soon.



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    1. Thanks Cheryle. I really appreciate it. If you think about all this technology I wonder what my grandkids (which I do not have) will learn to read on. Will they ever know the feeling of holding a book?

  1. Had to add one of my favorite writers. Maureen Taylor. She has a brand new book out. And if you have never read her books. You will never realize how much research goes into her writing. And she puts all that research in to the most delightful storytelling. A real delight.

    1. Thanks Ruth, I definitely do not mean to slight anyone.
      I have not read any of her books, but I have heard her speak at a conference before.

  2. Very well said. My BFF and I were talking about books last week. For as much as technology helps us and some of us really love it, but for some there is a part of us that cannot grasp the concept or idea any other way but through print.

    1. Mavis, Exactly. Not all of us can grasp all the new tech without a book to help it make sense. Many of us turn to our children or anyone else who can explain it in terms that we can understand. My parents send emails to figure out what to do with their computer and I send back a step by step process, starting with 1. Print this out!

      I’m glad to see that Rootstech has decided to revisit their decision on this. Though, I do hope they change the decision and not just think about it.

  3. I posted on FB in response to this but RootsTech needs to re-evaluate their decision. I’m with you on holding and smelling and reading books. I have a Nook but almost never use it. I stare at a computer most of the day, why would I want to read all my books on it? Why wouldn’t I want to hit the Newberry or an archives and look at the old books. So much history and excitement hidden in them!

    1. So very true Jen, there is nothing better. I just got back into going to the library to take a “book” out to read. We need to keep books alive and utilize them daily! I want my grandkids (the ones I do not have) to be able to enjoy a book in their hands!

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