New Years Traditions

As I thought about New Years and what we did as children, the only thing that came to mind was watching Dick Clark’s Rocking New Year. Not much of a tradition, but it is what we did. So, I posed the question to two of my children to see if there is anything that stands out for them (they are both 18+ now).

My son, Corey, replied “watching the ball drop on tv and watching fireworks.” He was very insistent that I took them out to watch fireworks, in the midwest, with all the snow and the cold weather. That never happened! I think he has confused watching tv with reality.

My oldest, Brittany, replied “being with Hannah (my youngest sister) and maybe throwing a penny off the roof of the house with Dad.” Hannah would come to our house when Brittany was in High School and spend about a week with us after Christmas, until right before school started (Hannah and Brittany are very close in age). The penny thing, that threw me for a loop!

My mother in law would make homemade pizza’s for her boy’s (all 5 of them) and make a punch and they would have their own party. At midnight, she would let all the boys go out side with pots and pans to bang them together to ring in the New Year. I did not get a chance to ask my youngest her thoughts and memories, but I am certain she would talk about the pots and pans because she did this for many years!

Hope everyone has a prosperous New Year!



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