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about us.

In 1999 I found a new hobby, genealogy. Little did I know back then that this would become more of an obsession, rather than a hobby. Since then, I have spent many of those years trying to break down my brick wall. The one thing I wanted to know more than anything was: where in Ireland did my O’Connell family come from?

With research and DNA, I have connected my family to County Cork, County Kerry, Ireland as well as County Antrim, Northern Ireland.

The one thing I have learned in all these years is patience is a virtue. Since it took over 10 years to find just some of this information, I can say that I have been patient. 


Our focus.

Though my focus is generally on my Irish Ancestors, there is so much more to me.

The In-Depth
​ Genealogist

I’m not just a contributor, I am the Executive Director of this WOMAN owned company.

Travel Services

I own a Cruise Planners travel franchise that keeps me busy planning many genealogy based cruises and land tours.


Over the past few years photography has been a big part of who I am. I love to take pictures of the places I travel to.

Irish Ancestral Tours

**Coming Soon**
Looking to research in Ireland? We will be heading there in 2020 with a group of people to research and tour some of the country.

A quick glimpse at our heritage travel.

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From past clients.

Terri tackles tough genealogy questions and subjects with vigor. She is a speaker who shares her knowledge in a warm and welcoming fashion. Terri is dedicated to the educational outcomes laid out in her programs, and always has time to assist patrons with additional questions.

Debra Dudek

Fountaindale Public Library


Why Select Us?

We focus purely on the Irish.


For the past decade or so, our focus has been on Irish genealogy. Not only our own, we have been focusing on helping others all along. 

Love of

We love all things Ireland, and really focus our time on teaching about them through workshops and consultations. 


When we visit Ireland we are always looking for new places to visit that will help all of understand our Irish Ancestors. 

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Our Blog

We blog about all of our experiences, from genealogy to heritage travel.

Our Blog

Follow us as we blog about all things relating to Irish records, genealogy, DNA and heritage travel.

Occasionally you will find us blogging about general genealogy as well. This is because to get back to Ireland (or any country of origin you must thoroughly research in the current country you are in.

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