My Favorite Photo’s From Pufferbelly

Here are my favorite photo’s from Pufferbelly restaurant.

Did I mention that the Kent Historical Society (KHS) was previously housed upstairs from the Pufferbelly? Yeah, it was! Below is a photograph of the sign that still hangs on the building. KHS is on my list to visit the next time (I think my kid will be sick of all my visits for genealogical purposes. Oh well!).

Pufferbelly Restaurant Sign
Kent Historical Society Sign

In my first post, What in Tarnation is a Pufferbelly, I breifly talked about the map that was hanging. This map is hung up in the main entrance of the restaurant. I am sure that people thought I was nuts for all the photographs I took. But, how could I pass it up? The hubby does not believe this is an actual map from 1852. I have no clue, it looked really old and restaurant was too busy to start asking questions about everything they had hanging.

1852 Map of Ohio
1852 Map of Ohio
Seal of 1852 Map of Ohio
Seal of 1852 Map of Ohio

What is your thought on the map?



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