My Apologies

One of my goals for the year was to be consistent in my blogging about my genealogy research. I started the year off with weekly posts being written when I had a day off of work and slowly they stopped.

The beginning of the year has been kind of rough for me. I had a job that I really did not like and could not decide what to do about it. I knew I wanted to quit, but when. I still had kids and college and another in private high school, we also needed to eat. As I continued with this debate, things began to change dramatically at work. My supervisor gave her notice (she was the main reason I had continued with the job). A week after she left one of the young guys I worked with gave his notice and then the company let the other guy I worked with go. I worked in a small cellular store in the suburbs of Chicago and now I was the last employee at the store. Oh, they brought in some young kid who thought he was the best thing since sliced bread. He started making changes within the store that were not company directives and I could no longer take it. So, I also gave my notice. I was never so happy to be free, I did a happy dance when I got home on my last night of work.

I do miss the small group of people I worked with for almost a year and I also miss the guys that work at the stereo shop next door. We all became good friends.

Anyhow, it then came to what is next for me and my family. I was tired of working retail jobs (management or not). Tired of making money for everyone else. Our family had looked into opening our own franchise for the last year and it seemed like this would be the time to do it. Why should I look for another job that is just going to pass the time. Why not find something that I love to do and put that passion into a business that depends on me and my family.

Well, that is what we decided to do. As of the beginning of this month, we have opened an at home travel agency. I know a lot of people still book with the popular search engines, but I have seen that back fire on so many different people. Plus, research has proven that many people are returning to using an agent because of these problems.

if anyone needs help booking a trip, land or cruise based, please feel free to contact us at O’Connell Cruise and Travel/Cruise Planners, We will be glad to help you and anyone you know that needs assistance.

So, I am sure you can see we have been very busy the past few months. I hope that once we get this going I will have more time to research, blog and continue with my goals for 2011. Until then, I continue to work, work, work…



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  1. Well, congratulations to you! I can’t believe it had been almost a year that you worked at this last job. I remember when you started it! Good luck with your new venture!

  2. Thanks Cheryl, I need all the luck I can get. This is a big adventure for us.
    The year did go by very fast!

  3. Terri,

    Kudos for following your dream! Best of luck to you. Your blog, your research and all of your readers will be here when things settle down for you. I think we have all had these interruptions in our writings, called everyday life. *smile*

    All the Best,
    -A. CAIN

  4. Thanks for you support Amy. It is definitely a leap of faith. Just remember to keep me in mind if you or anyone you know needs to book a trip. 🙂

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