Motivation Monday: Week of March 12

Its late in the day and I wanted to update where I am so far this month. I have only moved forward a bit this week.

Research: I have not worked any further on my research plan for the ACPL. I did listed to Thomas MacEntee’s webinar, Navigating the 1940 Census, which set me out looking for where I will be able to find my family. I have noted on my set up of all my 2nd great-grandparent files where I should be looking for a few of the families.

Writing: have not really written anything since last week. Enough said!

Organization: If our weather stayed the same, I think I would be organized by now. I have not worked in my office because it is too cold there. Now that spring is here, I am slowly moving back into the office to take care of things.

However, I did receive an early birthday gift of an external hard drive. It started out with just asking some questions about updating my Mac Book Pro to the new OS Lion. Turns out that since my Mac is so old, it is not really worth it to do so. While discussing updating the memory on the computer as an option to change to Lion, I was told I would lose everything on my hard drive, 1000’s of pictures and all of my family records I have collected through the years. I think my heart stopped. Well, a very nice family member decided I needed to have an external hard drive right away and went and purchased it. I moved many of my files and a bit of the photo’s over that night. It feels great to be able to have things backed up and off the computer, in case something bad happens here. Plus, with moving things over to the hard drive, I have opened up 5GB of memory on my Mac already!

Education: I read 1.5 of the 2 chapters for ProGen already. Starting to formulate my plans for the homework.



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