Motivation Monday: Week of February 27

It’s a bit late in the day, but I wanted to let you all know where I stand for the month. I have a terrible headache so this will be a quick post on what I need to finish in the next few days. Because, come next Monday I plan to be laying out the plans for March.

Research: I started looking into the Chicago Rail Co, I have a great-great uncle that died in an accident involving them and I would like to find a newspaper article giving me more details. So far, I have found nothing. The only records I have to go off of are the death certificate and the coroner’s inquest which reiterates the death record.

In the next few days, I will go through all the information I have been analyzing to make sure I have everything I need to put together a research plan for the ACPL.

Education: I completed the first assignment for ProGen 13 and want to reread the reading homework and go through the questions we will be going over on Sunday. Also, need to go and comment on everyone’s homework.

Writing: I completed three posts last week and have nothing ready for this week. I need to really push myself on this. I have taken on a new project that I am not ready to share yet that will probably be taking up a lot of my time. So, I need to really focus on this.

Organization: I spent time last week going through genealogy, personal and work files. I pulled out more genealogy magazines and quarterly’s that I need to file on my book shelf. I also reorganized my work files. I plan to work on my genealogy files in next month or two.



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  1. I honestly don’t know how you plan a whole month ahead! I have to say though since meeting you & Tonia on twitter. You guys are really helping me pull things togather. My thoughts, my trees, my information. Instead of feeling like I am sinking in a bunch of information I am starting to see trails. And that is a wonderful feeling. 🙂 Thanks hun!

  2. I agree that planning ahead can be a bit scary. This year, I am looking at everything different than in previous years. Each year, I have made a list of things I wanted to try and accomplish and if I was smart, I wrote out where I planned to look for each record I was interested in obtaining. I never completed everything. Sometimes, I hardly completed anything.

    This year, I felt that I needed to really dig deep in all I do. I need to break each thing down and there is no better way than month by month. Which is why I update my blog every Monday (or at least I try to). With putting my accomplishments into writing it leaves open what needs to be finished.

    I would honestly recommend that you pick 1 goal for this month and then track it week by week. For example, the email you sent the other day (which I have not replied to yet). Form that into a goal with whatever learning/research you would like to do and update it weekly. You will see that it works. I promise!

    Thanks for reading and leaving a bit of blog love!


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