Motivation Monday: March Goals

I cannot believe that it is March already, 2 months of 2012 already completed. So the question is, what are my goals for March.

Research: Continue working from last month’s goal on the great-great grandparents and complete a research plan for ACPL. Also, need to call my great-aunt and get information about a coal mining accident her father injured in. I want to verify if it happened in IN or WV and the time frame to see if I can find any mention of it in newspapers or any other records.

Writing: Blogging, need I say more? Obviously, I am sticking to my plan of utilizing the editorial calendar or my schedule that I set up to make sure I spent time writing daily.

Organization: I intend to go through my physical, genealogy files, update all the folders by making sure everything is labeled and filed accordingly.

Education: Continue with ProGen 13.



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  1. I get my motivation from you, Terri! I am working mainly on organizing and a research plan. Hope you fulfill your March goals as planned. It is hard to believe we are already into March!

    1. Thanks Gini. When I work on my photo blog, I get my motivation from you. Glad that I can reciprocate. I totally agree about March. I was just looking at the calendar and we have to set our clocks ahead soon. It went so quick this year. I truly believe it is because we did not have such a nasty winter here, that it did not just drag by.

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