Motivation Monday: Intentions for 2015

In previous years I have blogged using the meme Motivation Monday to set my goals for the year and keep track of how I did.  I am opting to set intentions for  2015 and use at least one Monday a month to report on my progress. These Intentions that I am publicly writing about are by no means the only things I have planned for the coming year. But, they are the biggest items I need to take care of for my personal genealogy research, education and organization. I hope you might consider joining me on this journey.




My ultimate intention here is to be completely organized by the end of the year. I need to organize my work space, my files (digital and physical) and my work day! This could prove to be the hardest thing I will undertake for the year.


I am a firm believer that learning is everything. We learn something everyday and need to more to continue to broaden our horizons. I love to read and do not utilize this hobby for educational purposes. I intend to read to learn in 2015. I am hoping to read one book geared towards genealogy education each month.

With conference season drawing near I also intend to take some time while at Rootstech and NGS to attend a lecture by someone I do not know (or at least never heard speak) on a subject matter that might not be of interest to my personal research. We can learn so much from each other and I hope to utilize this time wisely.


I plan to continue with the 52 Ancestors in 52 Weeks posts each week, though I cannot say that this will go all year. All of the best intentions get set aside. With each of these posts there is hours of behinds the scenes research being done. I do not just pull the information I already have, I look for the holes in the research and see if I can find something new. I also research each of the children my ancestors had to make sure their story is complete. I know Amy Crow has set a new theme for 52 Ancestors. I currently do not plan to do those. I will continue going up each line until I get to my brick wall ancestor and then I will hope onto the next family line.  With each of these posts, I am learning so much about my ancestors and the time period they lived in. It is extremely gratifying to know who came before me and how they lived.

My final intention for 2015 is going to be genealogy certification. I am currently looking at Board for Certification of Genealogists and The International Commission for the Accreditation of Professional Genealogists. While I will make a decision soon, I am not 100% if I will be blogging about that until I have completed the process and know where I stand. Obviously this is a personal decision on which why  I decide to move forward and I look forward to working towards this goal.

I am definitely interested in hearing what your goals / intentions for 2015 are.



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  1. Terri, I’ll be interested to find out whether you choose certification or accreditation and your reasoning, if you decide to share it. I’m in the same position as you – though my intent is not to proceed until I’ve finished ProGen. Good luck!

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