Motivation Monday: February Goals

My goals for the month of February are not going to be so big for a few reasons:

  1. It’s a short month, less time to accomplish things
  2. I do not feel I made enough progress in January that I will be able to keep up with them all

So, without further ado, my goals for February are:

Research: To put together a spreadsheet in Numbers (it’s a Mac spreadsheet program) to follow to great-great grandparents and their children through the census records. Once I have completed this for each of the families I will begin to form a research plan based on what I have and do not have, I will be doing this is Growly Notes to clearly label what my next step is and what my findings are as I go through the process. While setting these steps up, it is important to advise that my Ancestry subscription is up within a few days and I will not renew it right away.

Writing: I need to write some posts for my blog that will be prescheduled to publish. In Nov and Dec, I had so many obituaries set to publish through January. It was nice to have that buffer of posts going out and not having to think about what I will write for the current week. I have printed out the editorial calendar from Geneabloggers and will utilize that to help me get ahead. I have already gone through it and highlighted the posts I would like to write. Now, I just need to get writing.

Organization: I pulled down about 98% of my genealogy related books and magazines into my office already, which was my goal for January. So, I would like to find the few pieces I am missing to complete this part of my goal. I also will start organizing my desk, between my genealogy and travel its a mess. Need to get it together so that working in either field will be more efficient for me.

Education: February 1st starts ProGen 15 for me and a few of my other genealogy friends. You can bet we will be writing about our experience and learnings on this. Need to get to my Chicago Public Library to pick up a copy of Professional Genealogy which I will use until I purchase my copy.  From what I have read ahead of time, we will need to put about 20 hours a month towards this class that lasts 18 months.



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