Motivation Monday: April Goals

I am starting a week late this month because I spent the first week immersed in the 1940 Census, like most genealogists. Honestly, I did not have the patience to wait to see some of my family. The German line that I have been working on had to be found, right away.

Research: Find the following people in the 1940 Census, Marie Jonas, Rose McAvoy, Joseph Lachney and family, and John James Hilton and family.

Continue researching the family of Daniel P. O’Connell, brother of my great-grandfather.

Writing: The goal is to beat 11 posts for the month, (this is post 3). I also am working on a  book project, I have a rough draft of chapters and would like to work on the first chapter for this month. Only basic information will be given on this project until it starts coming together and I know it is something that I will complete.

Organization: Get the last of my magazines files in order and start on my folders for the families.

Education: Continue with Progen 15 and participate in a few webinars. I cannot watch them on my computer, but I downloaded an app for my Iphone where I will be able to attend that way. I signed up for the ISGS webinar next week and will see how that works.



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