Mocavo is to Host All US Census Records FREE Online

One of the things I love about conferences is the in person networking. FindMyPast was kind enough to invite a small group to breakfast while we were at the NGS conference.  After breakfast, Josh Taylor shared a few things that are gong on with FindMyPast and Mocavo and that is always appreciated. I love to get a glimpse of what is happening or getting ready to happen with the companies that become such a large part of our lives or businesses. The one thing that Josh shared is that Mocavo is to Host All US Census Records FREE Online (and not just the index, images are there)

Many  genealogists love the word FREE. So many times we hear complaints about what each company charges us to see the records that tell us about the day to day lives of our family members. To have the opportunity to search all the Federal Census records for free is amazing.

Think about when you started researching your family online, remember looking at the paid websites thinking how am I going to be able to afford each of these websites? Do I need to subscribe to each of them? No one can answer that for you. But, I applaud Mocavo for getting us one more set of records for free. Be warned, you do need to set up a username to be able to get access to the census records.

*Mocavo is a FindMyPast Company*



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