Methodology for Irish Emigration to North America

NGS-2015-OfficialBlogger-300x204-2Another one of the lectures I attended at NGS was Methodology for Irish Emigration to North America, by David Rencher. I have been told by many of my fellow Irish Genealogy Group patrons that David was a must see as a lecturer for Irish research. So, it was natural that I would add this to my list for the NGS conference.

I definitely agree that David definitely is a great lecturer, though when he brought statistics into the mix, he lost me. Not because I cannot follow math. Normally, I like statistics. But, this was an afternoon session and I had a full tummy. I became extremely tired trying to follow the math. This session was recorded and I just might have to go back and watch it again because I know that the point he was trying to get across is important for those looking for their Irish roots and I want to make sure I have every tool available to me to do just that.

Without giving away more about the lecture the one thing I feel is important to share from this lecture is to put your information out there. Not just online, or in family trees. Think like the CSI, put your ancestor on the wall. Thats right, he is your main suspect in your cold case. Add all the known details, the important dates, his family and known person that is in his FAN club and then start your research. Update the information as needed and continue! What a great idea.

If you are interested in purchasing any of the recordings from NGS2015, you can find the link to do so on the conference website.



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