Memories in Music

My Grandma Richmond was born and raised in West Virginia. My Mom was born there as well, but the family moved to Chicago when my Mom was about 8 years old. West Virginia was so much apart of my family, it was like we were apart of it. We grew up listening to country music and the oldies of rock and roll. There are a few musicians or groups that were prominent in our lives, Elvis Presley, Kenny Rogers and Loretta Lynn. Loretta was probably one of the earliest concerts I ever went to (with both Mom and Grandma).

Grandma’s favorite movie was Coal Miner’s Daughter, I remember purchasing the VCR cassette for her when she moved to AL so that we could all watch it again, together. They related to Loretta, because they also were raised with the men in their family in the coal mines. After Grandma passed, I brought the movie home, along with her second book, Still Woman Enough. I got a good kick out of reading that last month.

What’s funny is that my kids love Lorette Lynn as well. They watch the movie and have some of her music on their Ipods. I get a kick out of it because it is just weird that these kids that were raised in a big city will sit back and listen/watch some of these old country musicians.

My oldest daughter called me today to tell me that Loretta Lynn is playing at Taste of Chicago next week (which happens to be a free concert) and that I need to keep my schedule clear to go with her and see Loretta. I am so excited! Though, I have to admit that it will probably be hard to listen to her song Coal Miner’s Daughter because that is one of the songs Grandma had played at the end of her funeral. Now, it is just a consistent memory of Grandma’s funeral.

**Now if I could just get her to take me to see Kenny Rogers, I have never seen him before.**



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