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In the past year I have found family members for a few different lines in my family. Before the holidays, I wrote letters to two people in NY and confirmed that they are my grandfathers cousins. I found another lady who is a distant cousin on my maternal grandfathers line and stay in contact with her. I found another gentleman who put me in contact with a man his again a distant cousin on my maternal grandfathers line. All of this has been exciting to me. I look forward to trying to meet these people when I get a chance.

The best find so far has been to find a cousin on my maternal grandmothers line. I have met with him and his wife over the past two weekends and truly enjoyed them. It is funny to see the family resemblances, when you are not even looking for them. For both sides of this meeting, I really believe that this will be a family relationship that will last. I love that he has so many family stories to share with us. This past weekend we had a mini reunion for this family and hope to have a larger one this summer.



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  1. Terri,
    I talked to Morgan and he said he met all three girls of my Uncle Joe. Uncle Joe , he would be my great Uncle Joe, was my grandfather’s brother and the lady that raised my Lachney father, John. My grandmother was Katherine as I knew her as my real grandmother Maybelle died when she had my dad.

    You need to talk to me and we can get to know each other and talk. I am going to Ft Wayne, IN library this weekend, it is one of the best around this area. I hope to find some interesting things, I don’t know.

    Are you on I am it is interesting. Morgan is coming back this summer and we are going to Rockville and Clinton to check things out. He knows people over there I don’t know in the Geneology area.

    I have talked to Mary Jane Swartz on the phone in the past. I haven’t heard from her for sometime. She is your grandmother isn’t she?

    You mentioned you spoke to some cousins from NY, were they from the Hilton side? I know Vi was married to a Hilton, she was Great Aunt Mary’s daughter.

    Nice to talk to you.

    Donna Lachney

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