March in Review

It was not a stellar month for following what I set out to do. So, I will recap what I have done and move on with April…

March Goals:

Research: Finish putting together my research plan for the ACPL, notes are started on all of my great-great grandparents lines. Quite a few of the lines are from the Midwest (IL, IN and OH). I am hoping to find some new information on them.

I put together a 2.25 page list of books I wanted to look through at ACPL and went through them quickly. Now that I have been there and seen what they have to offer, I believe it will be easier to put together a research plan for my next trip.

Writing: Continue blogging. I wrote 10 posts for the month of February, to me that is not enough. Especially since 4 of those posts are my goals. I need to blog about substantial research and findings, at least one post per week.

For the month of March, I wrote 11 blog posts. That is one more than last month. Without looking into what I blogged about, I know I need to continue working in this area. I have started another writing project that I am not ready to discuss yet. But, I believe it will really have me focus more on writing altogether.

Organization: Still need to get the last of my magazines into my book shelf and filed by the correct month/year. Then, I will work on cleaning up my family file folders.

While going through some file folders, I came across more magazines and I also picked some up, courtesy of Thomas MacEntee while we were in Ft Wayne and they all need to be filed. However, I spent some time this month organizing all of my bookmarks on my computer. It took me an hour or so, but now they are all separated by subject and easy to find. 

Education: Continuing ProGen, I feel good about our first month. Assignment for this month is to read another 2 chapters and and assignment, an optional assignment and of course the discussion questions.

ProGen is going well. I finished my assignment on time and even submitted the optional assignment. I was not able to read ahead in the book, but I hope to change that in April.



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