Looking Into the Past of WDYTYA

I have decided to start looking into the past of WDYTYA. How silly does that sound. The past two weeks I have been wrapped up in research on Sean Hayes to show you what is not seen on television. I have decided to take a look at all the episodes of WDYTYA that ended up doing Irish research.

As I find these episodes, I will be sharing the links here so that you might have a chance to watch them as well. Not all of them will be the US version of WDYTYA. There is the UK version, and a version from Africa that I have seen travel to Ireland.

From there, you will start seeing a few blog posts about the research that can be done online, mostly what WDYTYA did not share. Obviously they are there to make a good television show so not all records can be shown, that would be boring to the average viewer. So, I hope to fill that gap by showing you the documents they did not.



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