Letter from C. Pratt (2)

So, I have written another letter looking for more information and also wrote a letter to his sister. Hoping to get a little more information with each letter. Also, to form a family relationship for all of us. I am of course, ever thankful that he replied to me. Hopefully, he and his sister will be willing to meet with me and whoever is willing to go to NY with me in the spring. I would like to meet with them and any other family member I can. Maybe do some interviews and find out more about the family.

In my letters, I asked the following questions…
  1. Do they have older pictures that we could look through?
  2. Does he remember his Grandfather John?
  3. Here is some other things I would like to find out…
  4. Did they ever meet the cousins that moved to Chicago (obviously before the move)?
  5. Do they know why Dennis and Rose divorced and if so where were they living at the time?
  6. Who are the parents of John and Bridget?
  7. When did the family come to America?
  8. What part of Ireland did they come from?
  9. I feel this is a lot to ask in 1 letter, so I guess I will write a few and break it up some.  If anyone has any other questions they would like answered, please feel free to post comments on this blog and I will take them from here and insert into the next few letters.



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  1. Just happened to stumble across your “findingourancestors.com” site. Just wanted to say hello and tell you that I am Clellon F. Pratt’s granddaughter. (From his daughter Trudy Pratt) He had offered me the letter you had sent him that gave the info on where are family is from on Ireland. Sadly it disappeared before he died and was never seen again. Thankfully I just scanned a copy of it a few weeks ago while visiting my great Aunt Theresa. Anyway, I just wanted to say hello and thank you for sharing a little of my family history that I never knew. Funny, he was a quiet man and had said someone had contacted him about the family history, but never gave any indication that he had responded.

    1. Sarah, I am so glad you left a message here. I was so sorry to hear of his passing. We spent a few hours with the family when we visited and truly enjoyed our time with them. Clellon was definitely a quiet man.

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