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In my last post, A Visit to Kent State, I discussed our recent trip to Ohio to check out my youngest daughters choice for college. While there, I had a chance to check out the Kent State Library. It got me thinking a bit.

How often do you visit the Special Collections section of your local university library?

For me, it is not often. Actually, hardly ever. Though I do like to know what the carry. During the last school year we visited University of Illinois – Chicago’s campus. I was excited to go through their library and more excited to look through their special collections. But, this week while we visited Kent State, I was more excited to talk to their History Librarian about their Special Collections. Unfortunately, the special collections were closed while we were there. But, I do plan to visit again (as I have fours years of visits coming).

The Kent State Special Collections offerings vary. One of the collections I cannot wait to go through is the true crime collection which was donated by Albert Borowitz and Helen Osterman Borowitz. This collection includes a large collection on Jack the Ripper (books, ephemera and non book materials). They also have a digital archive of the May 4 shooting at Kent State. For all you fans of Barbar out there, Kent State houses over 3,600 items on that very special elephant. Seems they have something for everyone. 

A visit to Kent State is in my future. I get to visit my child and get to do a bit of work while I am there.



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