I Joined a few new Genealogy Societies

Membership: join us todayIn the beginning of the month I took some time and joined a few new genealogy societies. There had been a few that I have wanted to join for a few years, but I never really felt the time was right. I have been doing some more research on my Richmond family line and it has taken me into a state I have never researched before, Maryland. I obviously was going to have questions  about research here and maybe some assistance with finding possible records. So I decided to join the Maryland Genealogical Society.

Also, due to the length of time my Richmond family has been here, it was time to join the Virginia Genealogical Society. This family has been here since at least the 1700s and I wanted to have access to their newsletter and quarterly.

I also went international for the Cork Genealogical Society. This society I have been following on Facebook for the past year and they really are out there assisting people and wanting them to come back to Ireland and seek their roots. It was a no brainer for me. My roots are deep in County Cork and I plan to get there in the coming year.

Finally, I also joined the Irish Genealogical Research Society. As many of you know, Ireland holds a certain something for me. Though even I am not sure what it is. It was time for me to join and support the IGRS.

Since joining, the Cork Genealogical Society has kept in constant contact and I love it. They take the time to send out resources to their members. Now lets be honest, the last thing anyone needs is more emails. But, to be honest these are great. Irish research is so difficult that any bit of assistance is a huge help for all of us.

I encourage each of you to join not only your local society, but also find a one that is not close to home and support their efforts in the genealogy world. Each society needs our help.

Have you joined any new societies lately?



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