Jamestown Settlement

When we were planning our trip east and decided we were going to spend time in Virginia, visiting Jamestown Settlement was a no brainer. It has been a place I have wanted to see and now was the perfect time.

Just getting out of the car I knew this was going to be an exciting visit and I was not let down. As you walk towards the entrance, you walk along a path that is lined with flags of the states at the front of the flags, you are greeted by a water fountain which is within a boat sculpture.

We quickly purchased our tickets once inside and headed straight into the galleries. Each room was very impressive and I truly wish we had more time to take the time to see everything and give it the due diligence it deserves. From the galleries we headed outside to the recreated settlement. Within the settlement there is a living history museum where re-enactors share with the visitors what it was like in the original settlement.

From the settlement we ventured over to the replica ships that everyone is able to board and get a sense of what it was like for those that came to Jamestown.

Below is a video I put together of our pictures from the visit.




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