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James L. Tanner Speaks at Family History Expos

Photo Credit: svilen001 http://www.sxc.hu/
Photo Credit: svilen001

Wiki’s, not something I am overly fond of. To be honest, I started a Wiki Tree and have not really done a lot with it. I do use Wikepedia (doesn’t everyone?), but that is probably the only wiki that I use on a regular basis. I was pleasantly surprised when I attended James L. Tanner’s (Genealogy’s Star is James’ blog) lecture on the Family Search Wiki.

I love that Family Search has added the wiki’s to their data base of information. Searching there you will be able to find out about the places your ancestors lived. If you have more information that is in the file, go ahead and add it. It is a collaborative effort to get correct information out there. Interested in taking a peak at what they have already, then check out the Family Search Wiki.

In order to submit information to the Family Search Wiki, you must be a registered user (its free). But, anyone can access the information they have available. Please keep in mind that it is a moderated Wiki. Which means anytime something is updated an email is sent to the specific moderator to let them know. This is to make sure that the wiki information stays appropriate. Also, all photo’s will be reviewed for copyright  and appropriateness.

If your society is looking for a project to get involved in, this is a great one. Any society can adopt a page by sending an email to Family Search. They also conduct online meetings which are open for all to attend (online). If you are really interested in the project, I suggest you might want to check one out.

So go ahead and create an account, start helping those searching in your area by adding whatever information you might now that others do not.



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