Irish Roman Catholic Church Registers

This past July, the Irish Roman Catholic Church registers were finally put online. Helping all those that have been stumped on their Irish Research for years and giving others a copy of the actual register instead of the lovely index that we were able to print out from websites like IrishGenealogy and RootsIreland.

Last week, some great news came out of RootsTech. FindMyPast (FMP) will be putting a full index online of the parish registers. Which is wonderful news. The above mentioned indices were only partial and you had to go to different websites to find the information. IrishGenealogy is free and RootsIreland has recently moved to a paid website.

This week, word has come down that Ancestry will also have the index on their website as well. I am not sure about the specifics, but I know that FMP has stated that though they will not have the images on their website, they will be linking to the National Library of Irelands website that currently houses these images.

This is great news, those in the Irish Genealogy community have created their own indices to help others with their research. I am certainly glad that these big companies have come forward with the indices and March is a great time get them posted online. After all, the Irish enjoy the 17th of March now we can enjoy the full month by using the indices to find our family.



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