Irish Naming Pattern

If you are having difficulty finding your Irish roots, it is important to look at the Irish Naming Pattern. The naming pattern could very well be key to assisting you in finding the next generation of ancestors. Of course, nothing is 100%, you will need to weigh the evidence with all the records you currently have and what you find.

The Irish Naming Pattern for Boys:

  • First son after father’s father
  • Second son after mother’s father
  • Third son after father
  • Fourth son after father’s oldest brother
  • Fifth son after mother’s oldest brother (could possibly be after the father’s 2nd oldest brother)

The Irish Naming Pattern for Girls:

  • First daughter after mother’s mother
  • Second daughter after father’s mother
  • Third daughter after mother
  • Fourth daughter after mother’s oldest sister
  • Fifth daughter after father’s oldest sister  (could possibly be after mother’s 2nd oldest sister)

Take some time and look at the eldest generation of Irish ancestors that you have and see if you can see what the family could possibly look like the generation before. Now, see if there might be records available for all of these possible people.



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