Irish Emigration Database

I was recently checking out a website for travel purposes and found a great tool for those researching their Irish ancestors, the Irish Emigration Database. This database is a bit clunky for my taste (it’s pc based), but once you start using it works great.

For years I have searched for my Irish ancestors in any ship records, to no avail. I spent about an hour over the weekend searching this database and I now have a few leads to follow-up on. Maybe, just maybe I might have found something.

The Irish Emigration Database is part of the Dunbrody Famine Ship Experience website. The Dunbrody goes beyond the experience that the Jeanie Johnston offers in Dublin. They have actors reenacting the full experience of being an emigrant; from leaving your country behind, the voyage and arriving in a new world. I have added this to my must do list for the next time I visit Ireland.




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