Irish Emigrants to North America

Irish Immigrant MemorialTomorrow night I will be checking out the Fox Valley Genealogical Society for the first time. Their topic for the night, Irish Emigrants to North America: Before, During and After the Famine, by Paul Milner.

I am super excited about this lecture because, the Irish seem to be the hardest to trace (so far) I have been stuck at the same spot for over a year now and hope that this lecture will arm me with a few more tools that will let me take a jack hammer to my O’Connell family.

If you are in the area, consider joining us at the Naperville Municipal Center at 7:30pm.



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    1. I will have to go through all of my stuff to find them. At the moment I am in the process of organizing and moving my office. Once I find them, I will let you know.

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