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In Tehan or Fehine I shared how I might have found information on my Irish O’Connell family, specifically on John O’Connell’s mother and possible more children. At the end of the post, I also shared that I posted the information hoping to get someone to attempt to pull the records directly from the church. Obviously, County Cork, Ireland is a bit far for me to travel just for a record pull. To be perfectly honest, I would love to do that but I want more information before I plan my trip to the O’Connell families homeland.

The thread on facebook was probably the best thread I had on the Cork Genealogy Facebook group. Every one there has been kind since I joined, but as with any other group, not every post gets answered.

As the replies came through, one person advised me that the Kerry Diocese does not open their books for anyone. They have previously tried to no avail. They also suggested I do a google search because there are plenty of ways to find Kerry records.

In the meantime, I had actually reached out to the church via email to see if they would be willing to send me copies. I did advise them that I was writing from the United States and that once I have some more information on the family, I would be up for visiting.

The very next morning, I received an email from the church advising me to send what I am specifically looking for and they would pull the records for me and mail them to my home. I was beyond excited! I replied that morning with the hopes that the records would be in the mail by the end of the day. One can hope, right?

Up to this point, I have not ordered or asked for any records from oversea’s and I have no clue how long it will take for them to arrive.

In the meantime, I have also ordered the films from FamilySearch and I am currently waiting for them to arrive at my local FHC. My goal is to go through Dromtariffe and pull anything for Connell, O’Connell and the many variations of Fehine, including Tehan.

The story does not end here, so look for an update in the next few days.




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  1. Woot Woot! Great news Terri! Please keep us posted on your progress. The crew on FB/Co. Cork was the ones that actually turned me to Co Kerry right across the bay where my g g grandfather was buried and how many families would go to Co Cork to work and be buried in the family plot right across the bay in Co Kerry. Also, about how the Diocese may involve 2 counties. So I put Co Kerry on the back burner because I heard what you did and before I bug them will read the rest of your series. Thanks again, Slainte!!!

    1. Thanks, Lisa! I will definitely keep you posted. You actually sent me to the FB page for the Cork group. I believe that is where I learned that though my family lived in Cork, the church was in Kerry.

      Thanks for stopping by!

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